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'Uphill Valley is an independently run street-wear brand that I created as a means of pursuing my passion for art and design, while at the same time making a name for myself in the art community. I have had a love for street-wear and design since a very young age and have been making art almost my whole life. I began creating designs in my spare time and during university classes, which started shaping the idea that would soon become Uphill Valley. 

Since launching in October 2019, I continue to add designs and run the business from my bedroom in Sydney's inner south suburbs. The brand continues to grow day by day and hopes to one day serve as a symbol of the local community and help me to connect and collaborate with artists locally and internationally. This brand is a realized dream for me and i thank everyone who has supported me along the way, and helped me share my art with the world.'

- Daymon Mancini (Owner)  

(pictured above) Self Portrait - 2023

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